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I managed to slay the demon and should let Bartholomo know Raboz can no longer work for him. These should give you a bit of direction going forward.

Raboza scribe's apprentice, lost one of three pieces of a treasured family seal to Deliathe gate warden. I need to get it back from her casino gambling online secure then meet him in Bartholomo's shop by the harbor market.

Delia will give me the seal if I go and collect something semilnole hard rock casino value that several townsfolk owe her. I need to visit three people, OdettaBenita and Donusin the Poor District and get them to pay up any way they can.

I did Delia's dirty work. Now I need to return to her to tell her what happened with the three poor souls trapped within the Poor Quarterso she conah give me Raboz's seal. I got the seal from Delia. Now I need to talk to Raboz inside Bartholomo's shop, in the harbor market.

We have the first seal, but there're still two more to be found. I need to get the second from Captain Sakumbe. Age of conan the gambling captain can be found in the southern part gamblinf the harbor. Sakumbe will require a payment of ten tin and a roll of the die for a chance to get the second seal; this can be repeated as necessary until the seal is won. I won tue second seal back from Tge Sakumbe. Now I need to take it to Raboz at Bartholomo's shop. Raboz told me more of his family's legend, of how his ancestor Kira calls to him from nearby, and he asked me to search casino card shuffle machines caves near the lighthouse for gabling third piece of Kira's seal.

I found the third seal in a cave near the lighthouse, guarded by the enraged ghost of Raboz's connan. Now I need to take the seal to the scribe's apprentice and find out what to do next. Kira's seal will open the door to a crypt in a mausoleum on White Sands Isle.

When I'm ready I must meet Raboz there, and we will see what agr locked inside. Finally, he will learn what he was waited so many years to discover about his bloodline. As soon as the doors to Kira's crypt were opened, a demon came forth and killed Raboz. It had killed Kira a long time ago and tricked Raboz by penetrating his mind, making thee believe Kira was still alive, calling out for him to free her! I managed to slay the demon and should let Bartholomo know Raboz can no longer work for him.

Bartholomo has his shop in ot harbor market in Tortage. The scribe's apprentice, Raboztold me of an ancient family treasure that was locked in a hidden crypt somewhere on the island. I helped him retrieve the coonan pieces of the crypt's magical seal. He told me that the seal was created by his ancestor Kira, who was a powerful sorceress. Kira had created the crypt to trap a demon she'd conjured and lost control of, and was sealed inside the crypt oof with it.

After recovering the seal, we found the lost crypt and went inside. Raboz had hoped to find age of conan the gambling captain slumbering spirit of his ancestor, but we found the demon instead! Raboz was killed, and I defeated the demon after a difficult battle. Now Kira's last descendant rests alongside her in the crypt she made. Games Movies TV Wikis. Sign In Don't have an account? Contents [ show ]. Retrieved from " http: Ad blocker interference detected! Wikia is a free-to-use site that makes money from advertising.

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Age of Conan Quests Database - Levels Select from the listing of quests to get Ruins and Demise, V - The Gambling Captain, City of Tortage, Back to the Ultimate Age of Conan Leveling Guide Index Stygians will have to speak to Captain Ptah on the North Dock to go there, and Cimmerians will have to speak to the . ) Get Gambler's Gambit from Borcha. Age had warped and cracked the boards, so that when I had at last very Captain Barrington was standing by the dressingtable with his coat and vest off. slips of paper were lying before him, and he was counting over his gambling gains.